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The non-nudist boy says to

January 12, 2017
his buddy, "Look what I Have found!" as he shows the nudist kid a copy of Playboy
or some similar magazine, which he found somewhere.
As they look at the
pictures of scantily clothed, erotically posed women, the lad who has seen
hundreds of individuals of all ages and body types, will probably believe, "I've seen
lots of naked people before. Why does he need to sneak looks at this?" He
might also think, "This isn't even what most folks look like."
Growing up without shame
All these things occur to
Naturist children, also. The one big difference for kids who were blessed enough to grow
Upward in a naturist environment is that those kids have literally seen those
changes take place, as their older friends and siblings went through that
difficult time. Due to that experience, they are better prepared for it
We read in the papers
almost daily of some teacher, youth leader, church official or some other
Sure individual who took advantage of a child in a sexual way. With hundreds
of naturist clubs in North America, that issue almost never occurs at our
A family which is open
enough to have seasoned nudism, just like a healthy non-nudist family, is
also open enough to have discussed sex abuse with their kids. These
children understand they can tell their parents immediately if they ever guess
that something is wrong.
We've been told by
authorities the reason naturist clubs have a very low prevalence of sex
offenders is that we've got the standing of prosecuting those individuals, while
until recent years, many other organizations have "crossed those problems under a
rug", more concerned with their public image than with the security of the people
they should have been shielding.
Historically, sex abusers
have felt much safer committing their misdeeds within organizations which have
tried to cover up their issues with molesters.
You may find it
encouraging to know that Naked Buns, and many other nudist clubs, have a really
good relationship with law enforcement agencies. Some of their policemen are
members of our club. You can be sure that if we were doing anything
illegal or wrong, they wouldn't join.
Instead, they'd quite quickly close us down!
Another fact to ponder:
Nearly all sex offenders are men. At a naturist club, it'd be quite simple to
tell if a guy were to become sexually excited.
Some other fascinating
We do not present this
Info in an attempt to try to make ourselves appear to be "better" than
our non-nudist friends; rather, this information could clarify some other
interesting observations about nudists' lives:
The divorce rate is lower
among nudist families, and their kids often make better mark than
similar children in non-naturist families. We do not think that this is BECAUSE
the families are http://rudefly.com 's more likely that the unions are more stable
AND their children make good levels AND the families are nudists because the family
members have a tendency to convey a little more openly with each other inside their daily
Learning to accept and
Esteem all bodies
In those cultures, where
kids see all types and ages unclothed, they learn endorsement of the maturing and
aging processes; they don't believe they have to have face lifts, boob jobs and
collagen injections to become socially http://nudist-young.com do not grow up believing
"You're what you wear".

They have likely never had
a case of a kid being killed for his tennis shoes or his Eddie Bauer coat!
We think that when Americans
learn to accept the body as natural and wholesome, many of our social problems
which stem from body acceptance will fall.
If you are reading this, the odds are you
are in one of two classes. Either you are someone who has already found
the advantages and delights of a more clothing-free way of living, but you have
noticed that not many young adults appear to have made the same discovery. Or else
you are a young adult who has little or no experience with clothing-independence, and
you wonder why many people make such a big deal out of something that may not
seem all that appealing.
There are probably many
Distinct motives that young adults don't appear interested in trying social
nudity - just as there are many different motives that anyone might have for a
Hesitation to attempt it. Almost as many different reasons as there are folks. But
they do tend to fall into particular typical classes. And some of these
Groups appear to use particularly to young adults.
So we are going to attempt to
list as many of the typical motives as possible. And for each motive, we'll try
to indicate why the motive need not by an insurmountable hindrance - and uncomplicated
Measures that anyone can take to overcome the hurdle if he or she wishes to.
But first let us address
something which is probably is not a real problem. Specifically, there'sn't
anything inherent about being in the 18-30 age range that makes a person averse
to nudity. With younger adolescents (13 to 17) there may well be. These are

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